On a young democracy like in Brazil, the wave of protests against the corruption of Brazilian politicians was strengthened by the repudiation of the hosting of the World Cup in the country. 
After all, in a country so violent with high rates of feminicide, with State Capitals among the most violent of the world, social inequality and poor income distribution, precarious education and poor public health services, made the World Cup an absurdity in the eyes Of the population. The acts began in June 2013 and had several chapters that replaced the politics in debate in the streets and the Brazilian population returned to occupy the main Brazilian capitals chanting a chorus of rejection to the politicians and the current political system in the country. The government's response was violent and repressions increased on the part of the police, causing an increasing indignation of the population against the excessive brutality of the police. The acts intensified and became weekly. Banks were depredated, demonstrators were arrested and Brazilians came to know the Black Bloc tactics.

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