About Victor Moriyama

Victor Moriyama is a Brazilian photographer, working as a photojournalist since 2010. 

In the last decade he has been working with issues that involve agrarian conflicts, deforestation and conservation of the Amazon, social movements that fight for the democratization of land and other socio-environmental conflicts. Brazil has one of the worst distributions of income and the economic difference between social classes produces complex processes of interaction and violence. This complex interaction between the agents of society is conflicting and has always guided the theme of the stories he photograph.

He believes there is an enormous field to produce powerful visual stories in a country such as Brazil. Social issues, humanitarian conflicts and environmental problems are some of the topics addressed by him.

He has worked as a staff photographer for Folha de São Paulo. Since 2013 he’s been working as a stringer photographer based in São Paulo for Getty Images News and currently works as a regular contributor to El País, BloombergLos Angeles Times, The GuardianLe Monde and NGOs like Human Rights Watch and Greenpeace. You can also find his work in international agencies and newspapers such as Reuters, AFP, The New York Times, Al Jazeera, Time Magazine and others.

Since 2013 he's National Geographic Brazil Photographer.

Since 2017 he's part of the Fuji Film X Photographer Team.

Victor is a columnist in El País journal. 


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