Victor Moriyama is mentored for long-term projects by photographers Ed Kashi - VII Agency and André Penteado.


(application available only for brazilian photographers)


Mentor Program concept was created in 2008 by VII Photo agency ( that consists of the professional accompaniment for young photographers with innovative projects under the supervision of senior photographers. It is a personal orientation aimed at improving the photographic language and developing theoretical concepts for each project. A kind of academic advisor, who assists and provides tools capable of improving aesthetics and strengthening ties with the international photographic circuit.


Young photographers with mature and cohesive visions whose projects contribute to the debate and understanding of the central themes of the complex Brazilian reality. It is suitable for people with some professional experience and interested in deepening in the publishing market.


Presentation of the Mentor Program final of January / Beginning of February 2019. One-hour bi-weekly meetings, in person (case in São Paulo) or Skype, during 10 months of 2019 (Feb-Nov). The 3 candidates + one scholarship holder will be accepted.

The registrations will be accepted until January 11 with and should consist of the preparation of a small dossier with:

- motivation letter

- summary of the project (two paragraphs)

- 20 images that integrate the project

- 10 -15 Portfolio images

Scolarship: A photographer who came from populations historically stigmatized by their gender and race. They should submit the dossier in the same way to:


We need to discuss photography. Changing ideas is the best way.

Therapeutic assumption: overcoming personal barriers.

Narrow the bridge with the international publishing market.

Reference presentation

As :

Discussion of the initial proposals.

Conceptualization of the works. 

Follow up of the stages and the development of the projects.

Reflection on production. What goals do we want with the projects?

Image editing methodology.

Guidance for publication, editorial grants.

"One has to act with responsibility before the privileges of class"

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